Congratulations to Skill Shot Pincast for one year of podcast episodes! Their 27th episode is an interview with Zoë Vrabel.


From Skill Shot on Facebook:

We have officially hit our one year watermark of the Skill Shot Pincast! Graham and myself are endlessly thankful for the community support on both sides of the mic. Special shoutouts to all of our fabulous guests in the last year:
Kevin Birrell
Aaron McAbee
Gordon Ornelas
Brad Hayden
Bobby Conover
Alexa Philbeck
Ed Robertson
Darren Hanlon
Raymond Davidson
Michael From
Daniel Kinamon
Alyson Rae
Brian Chesbrough
Evan McBride
Adam Jenkins
Mark Lutsock
Pinheads Pinball
Todd MacCulloch
Jeff Rogers
Dave Stewart
Geoff Simons
Heather Willott
Geordi LaForge
Lonnie Langford
Michael Warfield
Bowen Kerins
Andy Burton
Jordan Semrow
Zoe Vrabel

And to YOU! for listening to us ramble about this thing we love. Really makes it all worthwhile.

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