I’m not exactly sure how this happened, but I will try to remember. The site: The National Pinball Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

This is the order of events that occurred before I noticed this… well, I guess it’s a glitch.

  1. I remember completing K-I-S-S the get the ‘F’ in F-I-L-M.
  2. Then, I completed K-I-S-S again to light the extra ball.
  3. I collected the extra ball and then started working on the top lanes for the ‘L’ in F-I-L-M.
  4. Soon after, I went to the slide to get the ‘M’ in F-I-L-M.
  5. Then I finished the top lanes to get the ‘L’ in F-I-L-M.
  6. I shot the right ramp the fourth time, to light the snack bar hurry-up, for a 20 Million countdown.
  7. After that, I hit the last snack bar target to complete F-I-L-M and light Multiball.
  8. I then shot the slide to start Multiball.
  9. I did absolutely nothing good when in Multiball, not even one search shot.
  10. I did not get the Multiball restart.
  11. When I came out of Multiball, I glanced up at the scoreboard and saw this:


I didn’t even try to collect it, because I didn’t want to put up a Grand Champion score because of a glitch. So, I just turned the machine off and back on again after I took this picture.

What I should have done, now that I’m thinking about it, is record a video of this happening. Then collect the snack bar just to see if it did award the ten billion, and if it did, turn the game off so that the score wasn’t saved. I guess I haven’t developed the video blogger’s mentality enough to have the presence of mind to do that. This post will help me to remember for next time.

I tried to reproduce this bug, but I had no success. Does anyone know about this bug? Is this a known glitch?