This goes out to those of us who might be thinking about retiring from the game of pinball, after that week and a half known as IFPAPA that happen a little while ago.

That competitive crucible was draining and frustrating for most and satisfying for very few. Even the perfect strategy can fail due to another competitor who does it slightly better. Even the perfect performance can fail due to random acts of pinball.

According to this meme up there, the Internet knows that Beyonce and Captain Picard recognize the perils of competition. Plus, Beyonce had an AC/DC pinball machine once in a music video, and Captain Picard was in a pinball game so they really know things (maybe).

Any given day, the hot player can win and the favorite can lose. Rules knowledge and preparation can lose to pure accuracy and endurance and vice versa. I believe that is part of the reason why we compete. One day it will be your time. That day could be today.


Hillary realizes, this year just might be her time.

Donald Trump would beg to differ.

Donald Trump would beg to differ.

Bernie wonders if you have heard of ReplayFX?

Bernie wonders if you have heard of ReplayFX?

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