Charles Passy from MarketWatch talks about the still rising popularity of the silverball.

Article excerpt:

Pinball, a pastime that has seen a huge resurgence in recent years with production of machines skyrocketing and even a new Pinball Hall of Fame opening recently in Las Vegas, differs from anything totally electronic like video gaming. It involves a physical machine with moving parts and a silver ball that must make its way through the entire playfield.  

As a result, playing pinball involves your entire being. A good pinball player doesn’t just use the flippers but learns to nudge and shake the machine (while avoiding the dreaded “tilt”) in an effort to keep the ball in play and score more points. As a result, pinball is not so much “spiritual opium” as a contact sport. In a word, the level of engagement is visceral.

Source: MarketWatch
Pinball is a worthy alternative to the spiritual opium of video games

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