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It’s episode one of Pinball with the Pros with Nate Shivers and Keith Elwin playing AC/DC. Witness what could happen if a pinball strategy session with your friends became a podcast.

Prepare to learn the leet strats you will need to score the biggest song jackpots. For example, you don’t need to stick with “Hell’s Bells” all of the time but it’s clear that it’s a good idea. Also, straddle those multiballs instead of stacking them.

The goal is not necessarily to dissect the entire game. It’s a “quality hang” with quality play, and by the way maybe you will learn something to beat your friends the next time you play them.

From the video description:

Pinball With The Pros Episode 1

Nate Shivers is joined by Keith Elwin on the inaugural episode of Pinball With The Pros to play AC/DC Premium Edition.

Special thanks:
Steve Massa – Location and game
Josh SharpeRules and creative adviser
Bowen Kerins – Rules adviser (amazing rules sheet)

Pinball With The Pros is a web series where Nate Shivers of Coast 2 Coast Pinball and some of the best pinball players in the world get together for a unique one on one playing experience.

Special Thanks to the series sponsor Stern Pinball.

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