Stern have released a code update for Game of Thrones to fix some stuff. So go ahead and bug your operators to update it. Unless you own one already, you lucky son-of-a-gun.

It appears some scoring exploits were fixed, but maybe not all of them. Perhaps those billion-plus point shots are still out there, waiting to be claimed.

Also, it seems I will still need to have some sunglasses ready, since less intense lights were added to casual mode only.

How about a word of appreciation and encouragement to Stern pinball for keeping things updated and fixing exploits as they are discovered. This game is good, but it will get even better with further score balancing. There must be a way to give a strong reason to go with Stark or Lannister as the starting house. Greyjoy’s Hyper combo of Martell, Tyrell and Baratheon with Wall multiball is just too strong, if you can make it work.

From Stern Pinball:

Merry Christmas! Stern Pinball has released 1.18 Code Update for Game of Thrones Pro Pinball and 1.02 Code Update for Game of Thrones LE/Premium Pinball. The updates bring in a long list of changes and tweaks which are contained in the READ-ME notes.

1.18 PRO Download Link:
1.02 LE/PREMIUM Download Link:

V1.18 – December 22, 2015
– SHOOT AGAIN insert will now be visible during bonus count.
– Adjusted timing of first Martell “2 more to light” movie.
– Fixed message typo “CHANGE YOUR CHOICE”
– Tweaked the instructions for Baratheon Start
– Tweaked wildfire RGB color for blackwater to be more green
– Fixed ball not leaving after mystery if you choose your
last advance wall.
– Disabled flippers during video mode
– Fixed INSTANT INFO spinner page. Cleaner layout, shows
full value.
– Added an Adjustment to control the number of house
completions needed to light extra ball. The default is 3
houses to light extra ball.
– Added Bonus Multiplier to the bonus instant info
– Added houses needed for extra ball to instant info
– Tweaked Blackwater multiball 3rd ball lock to include the
– Tweaked Instant Info pages for houses. Added sigil and
total value awarded.
– Fixed Video mode instruction text
– Fixed broken SJP scoring from a previous release –
SJP == ((6 * SJP level * jackpot amount) + SJP BASE AMOUNT) * playfield mult
– Fixed – Mystery will not be lit if Wall multiball, Hand, or Iron
Throne is ready to start
– Added slight pause to left drop target bank reset during gameplay.
– Fixed – Attract mode casual mode message will not play if there
are no credits.
– Remove speech that was hard to understand at the end of multiball
– Fixed – Multipliers will now always pause while in mystery.
Mystery and Video mode
will now pause the timers correctly.
– Added speech for getting the super jackpot and awarding it.
– Added the ability to buy Bonus held from Mystery
– Tweaked the bass of some sounds.
– Tweaked the scoring for Hand of the King Wizard mode. Only the best four shots of each set will contribute to the Super jackpot
value and therefore the SJP Hurry Up value too.
– Tweaked – Hand of the King can no longer be started during house modes.
– Tweaked how much things cost in Mystery
– Cleaned up the text for Instant info for wall multiball.
– Added Secret Multiball (Make sure your clock is set)
– Added speech to Blackwater Multiball jackpots.
– Tweaked – Drop target bank awarding Lord of Light has been reworked.The bank will no longer care about ball in play. Difficulty
adjustment added. Once Per Game is now the default.
– Added speech to Wall Mulitball jackpots.
– Added additional top gate logic after Wall Multiball has been
completed. Left orbit will always loop after the first wall.
– Tweaked – Use shorter bonus multiplier sequence when awarded
thru pops.
– Addressed a couple sound issues. Sounds should hiccup less.
Engineering analysis ongoing.
– Fixed – control gate logic should work more consistently.
– Reduced how much Wall jackpots and super jackpots are worth
– Increased how much WINTER HAS COME Boss is worth.
– Changed the calculation that converts wildfire into jackpot value
for blackwater multiball. Jackpots are worth more with less wildfire.
This also increases the super jackpot values too.
– Tweaked how much gold you get from different areas of the game. If you are not Lannister you will average less gold per ball.
– Increased how much gold is worth from bonus.
– Reduced the number of sets needed to “complete” Hand of the king from 4 to 3. Greyjoy still reduces it by 1 from 3 to 2.
– Added to casual mode – lamp effects are less intense. Casual mode will override the adjustment “REDUCE INTENSE LAMP EFFECTS”. If the game is in casual mode lamp effects will be less intense.

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