It’s Episode Two of Pinball with the Pros!

Nate Shivers and I were on route at Modern Pinball NYC for a session of Mustang Pinball by Stern. I am glad with how well this video came out. It really showed how much fun it was to do.

This Mustang played fast. How fast? We had to make sure we released the button quickly after flipping, so we could be ready to defend. That’s a wise thing to do on any pinball game, so this Mustang helped to practice that good habit.

Beware of those Bally Bricks! ^_^


From the video description:

Pinball With The Pros Episode 2

Nate Shivers is joined by Steve Bowden on location at Modern Pinball NYC to play Mustang Pinball (Pro) by Stern.

Check out: (Steve Bowden’s Site)

Special thanks:
Modern Pinball NYC
Josh SharpeRules and creative adviser
Tim Leonard (rules sheet)

Pinball With The Pros is a web series where Nate Shivers of Coast 2 Coast Pinball and some of the best pinball players in the world get together for a unique one on one playing experience.

Special Thanks to the series sponsor Stern Pinball.

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