Pinburgh, PAPA and Pinball Outreach Project are doing something very special. They are auctioning off the rights to name a 4-game group for Pinburgh 2014. The winner of the auction will also get the rights to select the four games for that group. By the way, this group will be under the cameras and have the gameplay recorded.

Think about what this means. Pinburgh preliminaries consist of ten rounds of play over two days. Ten rounds, four games each that’s forty potential opportunities to have your brand promoted at PAPA. That’s a lot of coverage, and a lot of potential advertising for the winning bidder.

The bidding starts at $50.00 and minimum bid increments are at $5.00, so bid it up here at the PAPA.org / Pinball Outreach Project page.

==> http://papa.org/2014/03/03/pinburgh-camera-group-auction-for-pinball-outreach-project/


I am seriously thinking about bidding on this. Of course I would name the group “Fun With Bonus” because of course I would. The question is what four games would I want to be in the group. Well, it would have to be four games with the best “Fun With Bonus” counts or meltdowns.

Some contenders I would put up for this would be Quicksilver and possibly Big Game. Others might be Seawitch and F-14 Tomcat. However, there’s some conflict here because there would need to be one game from each era represented. The four eras are: DMD or later, EM era, Late Solid State / early DMD and Early Solid State.

I am having trouble thinking of some other examples right now so let me ask you: What would be your “Mount Rushmore of Bonus Meltdowns”?

(Note: The way I’ve understood what a “Mount Rushmore” is that it’s basically a Top-4 but without actually ranking the 4 things against each other.)

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