IMPLANTgamesAustin Mackert takes an nearly one-hour look at The Rolling Stones by STERN with commentary.

He did a great job. The commentary is lively and explains a lot about the game. It almost caused me to drop some of my negative bias against playing The Rolling Stones. Almost. Rock Star Multiball is a nice feature, and the center ramp to right ramp combo has a decent flow to it especially when you have combos running.

From the video description:

Five games played of the Stern (2011) Rolling Stones pinball machine (Pro model). Commentary track lasts the entire video. The code version is the latest (and probably last, I am guessing), as of April, 2013. See below for the exact time codes for each game played.

Game 1: 05:00 – 52,321,580;

Game 2: 14:00 – 14,165,010;

Game 3: 19:05 – 26,451,170;

Game 4: 28:32 – 20,217,770;

Game 5: 33:56 – 122,145,530;
– In this game, I reach Encore, activate Records Multiball, and score a Super Jackpot during Rock Star Multiball (almost twice in the same multiball!).