Get ready to challenge the C.A.N.D.Y. <BLING!> 2000 Security System. It’s over 40 minutes worth of Safecracker from The Pinball Arcade presented by pinballwiz45b.

Safecracker is a timed game where you can drain all you like, as long as you have time remaining. With smaller flippers and a smaller overall playfield, the gameplay is certainly unique. Farsight does a great job in converting this to the digital platform. Although I can’t help but notice that the kickout is too reliable. When the ball exits the scoop, you can do the same move and be assured that you will be in control. The real game is not nearly that predictable.

A SPOILER ALERT is in effect, because this video includes:

  • One complete, more than 30-minute game of Safecracker.
  • A demonstration of the special round that you can start when you claim a certain award during the main game.
  • A demonstration of an even more special round.

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