Left: Jeff Parsons | Right: “Welcome to Xenon.”

Replay FX Brought My Childhood Back to Me


Jeff Parsons of Q97.9 Radio, describes his trip to ReplayFX and how it helped him relive his childhood memories and live current gaming dreams.

Walking into this convention center was like someone bringing my childhood back to me. I saw and played video arcade games I hadn’t seen in years. I played Atari, Nintendo, ColecoVision. I met the people who made these classic games. I played pinball with some of the greatest players in the world. I had an amazing time!


Women take a place at the pinball table


Laura Hudson tells how women are leading the way toward pinball’s resurgence.

Every machine has its own rule set, the specific series of actions—like shooting a ball around a certain ramp a certain number of times—that unlock the special events and big scores. That’s what really changes pinball from a button-mashing exercise inside a box of sound and color to a test of skill and strategy.

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