Announces Texas community partnership and a new arcade in Corpus Cristi, TX.

Update from STAGE:

We finally have a moment to put out a post following #STAGExpo this past weekend. Our total attendance for our first event was just over 90 people!! I want to thank all the people who made it happen including those who purchased tickets to see what we could pull off in four months. The support from the #Pinball and #KQcommunity was amazing.

This event was a way for us to establish ourselves as a convention for the Austin, San Antonio area. Texas Gamers Lounge was a perfect venue to start small so we can see what works and what doesn’t so we can learn from our mistakes. Dick Curtis and I will be sending out a survey that will give us feedback on the event so please fill it out! 😊

We do plan on having this event happen each year and will be working with #BatCityPinball and #SpaceCityPinball leagues to fold #STAGExpo into the rotation. We are also opening a proper arcade in Corpus Christi in April and will have over ten pinball machines and will be growing the Corpus Christi pinball community as well. We will have more information once we have an exact date to announce.

For our first event we had to do more of the heavy lifting to put on the event. We are a small team that helped to move 20 games and drove almost 2000 miles over the week. Going forward we would like to be able to focus more on the convention operations so that we can make sure to do more to provide you all with a good time and minimize issues we learned from our first event.

Finally, I want to thank D PadTexas Gamers LoungeImran AcostaSteven BowdenAnthony RohdePhil Grimaldi, Dick Curtis, Anita PetersenChristopher DoyleWhat’s Brewing?, MJM Amusements for providing help, games, prizes and techs to quickly respond to issues as the tournament marched on. Speaking of tournaments we finally got a chance to watch the finals and all we have to say is wow what an amazing display of talent!

Be on the lookout for videos and more pictures as we process them!

Thank you all!


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