Arcade and Pinball Talk reviews Star Trek Final Voyage Pinball. This game is in my top 3 favorites at #3 (behind Spider-Man and Twilight Zone) so it’s a Top-5 for me as well.

From the video description:

This video is of a top 5 pinball machine called Star Trek Final Voyage by Stern Pinball.

This Pin has a moderate difficulty with a semi fast table speed. Table mechanics were well laid out and the table setup delivered across the board due to the interactive game play with the vengeance as well as the modes and missions working seamlessly with the fun playfield. Soundtrack and theme went together very well. Must Play!

Star Trek Final Voyage Pinball Review (10 being Highest)

Gameplay: 10
Table Speed: 9
Soundtrack: 9
Difficulty: 9
Theme: 10
Pinball Art: 9
Paddle Gap: 8 (Average gap)
Toys: 9
Rules: 9
Long Term Play : 10
Table Mechanics: 10
Fun Factor: 10

Overall Score: 9.3 out of 10

Reviewed by your neighborhood Arcade and Pinball Talk Guy, Nathan Nicholson

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