Keith Elwin is back. He’s done us a service by posting another video where he completes all of the level 3 modes on Star Trek: LE by Stern. Which means of course he has completed all of the modes at that point. Which means he gets to play the final wizard mode of the game.


Without giving anything else away (other than what’s in the picture above), I have a short remark:

Come on, Stern. Really? Really?! This is what the final mode is? This?! AGAIN?!

I thought there would be new, innovative wizard modes for us pinballers to reach and conquer. No? Didn’t you say something like that while hyping up this game? No?

Stern, this is not the kingdom we were promised.



EDIT: Here’s a quick little something that I feel would be an improvement over the final mode we just saw.

As we saw in the video. the Final Mode is called “Five Year Mission” which is a reference to the Enterprise’s extended five year mission exploring strange, new worlds and so forth.

Well, instead of the “Battle for the Cybertronian President’s Portal Multiball” that we just saw, how about having the Five Year Mission be a mission based multiball.

  • One of the concepts of this game is that the player can select whatever missions they want to do in any order. Since the game is inspired by the movies, The Five Year Mission could take the player through the missions in the order that they happened in the movies.
  • To save work, we can have the same graphics used in the regular missions, just increase the values of the shots since you are in the final mode.
    • The value of each shot in each mission can be based on how well the player performed in that mission during regular play (borrowing from the Kobayashi Maru Multiball Mode)
  • When Five Year Mission starts, whatever mission happened first in the first movie begins.
  • The game could take the player through the events of the movies one after another.
    • The player advances through the missions by completing the relevant shots.
    • As soon as a mission is completed, the player advances immediately to the next mission in sequence.
    • If the player has only one ball, the mode does not end.
    • When the player passes the Level 3 version of any mission, give the player some ball save time plus an Add-A-Ball (borrowing from Super Hero and Portal Multiball).
    • “Punch It” Torpedoes can be used to complete any shot (Borrowing from AC/DC’s VIP Pass).
  • Give the player a large award when they have completed all of the missions from the first movie and before they start “Prime Directive I” which is the start of the second movie.
  • When the player has completed all 18 missions, kill the flippers, give the player a very large award and double playfield for the rest of the ball (Borrowing from Super Hero)
  • Have a separate listing of initials for those players who have completed the Five Year Mission.

This idea still borrows from other Stern games, but I feel it would be much more exciting and worth achieving.