Kill Screen asks if pinball can tell a story. Well, those of you who are knowledgeable enough to delve through rule sets know that pinball games with deep rules do in fact tell a story. It’s just not necessarily the same one for each player.

“If your reaction to a pinball machine has usually been more overstimulated than empathetic, then you have my understood sympathy. Obviously through the light show and loud noises, it’s difficult for a newcomer to know that each pinball machine is more than just ramming targets until points get good, that the best points have very specific criteria to meet, that there’s a path, often a difficult one, that can lead you to an even louder grand finale.”



Crave Online (not in any way associated with Crave Entertainment) tells the story of Stern Pinball’s enduring arcade legacy.

“It’s clear an abundance of love goes into getting these pinball machines out into the world. Once the theme of the table is chosen, the designers begin to work their magic. Stern employs four different design teams and each one of them takes their own approach to design.”


Stern Pinball: An Enduring Arcade Legacy

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