I was at Pinfest in Allentown when this happened, so it was a pleasant non-surprise. Apparently now, FarSight can do all of that AC/DC Stern partnership stuff without needing a Kickstarter, and that’s why they cancelled it and went incognito* incommunicado for a short time.

From FarSight / The Pinball Arcade:

Thanks to the amazing reception that Stern Pinball Arcade has received, we’ve been able to enter into a new partnership that will allow us to immediately start on the development of AC/DC pinball! This will allow us to add these great tables to the Stern Pinball Arcade even sooner than we had hoped.

We will release more information about this exciting development soon- stay tuned!

The optimistic among us smelled the slight fragrance that this is what was happening. There were further odors that this Kickstarter was just a way to feel out interest in this license and the partnership. Now that more names must have been signed on the line which is dotted, the gross speculation can turn to what this actually means.

  • Does this mean no more Kickstarters for Stern related products that they want to virtualize?
  • What about all those lovely Kickstarter gift options that were available? Will they still be made available in some other fashion?
  • After AC/DC, Star Trek and Ghostbusters, does this new partnership bring games like Metallica into play?


*(Thanks to Joe C. on Facebook for the great catch. I must have had Google Chrome on the brain, and I really should have been in bed. 😀 )

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