#TheresTheCode Deadpool v0.98

Deadpool upgrades!

Getting a huge stockpile of weapons increases your playfield multiplier! Mechsuit Multiball improved!


LE V0.98.0 - Jan 24, 2019
  - Added support for topper.
    - Added grace period between finishing a mode and starting Berserker Rage
    - Added grace period between finishing a mode and starting Disco modes
    - Number of Disco spinner spins to light Disco Loops increased from 50 to 60 spins.
    - When Mechsuit Multiball is Lit, disable Disco modes, Berserker Rage, 
      and Katanarama Time.
    - 5 Jackpot shots are lit (L. Orbit, L. Ramp, Center Shot, R. Ramp, R. Orbit).
    - Collect 5 jackpots to light Super Jackpot at the scoop. 
    - Super Jackpot awards big points and 1 BOOM.
    - Scoring balanced.
  - PLAYFIELD MULTIPLIER - increased timer
  - MYSTERY - added Extra Ball mystery award
  - Weapon Jackpot awards
    - 45 weapons - Light Mechsuit Multiball
    - 75 weapons - Light Extra Ball (auto adjusts)
    - 100, 200, 300 weapons ... - Bump playfield multiplier minimum for the rest of the ball.
  - Fixed: intermittent crash in Sabretooth Battle
  - Update to nodeboard firmware v0.29.0
  - Added system adjustment for Spike 2 games when a headphone kit is installed:
    - "MUTE KNOCKER IF HP DETECTED" - will not play replay knocker sound when
      headphones are in use.  Default value is NO (not muted).
    - "DISABLE Q24 KNOCK IF HP DETECTED" - will not fire Q24 knocker coil when
      headphones are in use.  Default value is NO (not disabled).
    - DIAG->NODE->BRD->Overcurrent Test now displays Drive/Coil and Light/LED
      description instead of device address.

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