The initial update is already at .92! The code is already here!

Here is your BACKSTAGE PASS! A rules set breakdown for the game can be found here:

V0.92 - April 12, 2018
- Made flipper power adjustments a little harder for all presets (soft, normal, hard)
- Hallowed Be Thy Name - animations added to the mode.
- Trooper Multiball - animations added to the mode.
- Trooper Multiball - add different priority display effects for the different types of trooper awards
- Fear of the Dark - animations added to the mode.
- Fear of the Dark - remove fear of the dark award value instructions 
- Fear of the Dark - add spinner bank on a high priority foreground effect
- Loop Jackpot text says "Loop Jackpot" instead of "Jackpot"
- Two Minutes to Midnight - audible countdown added for all 10 seconds
- Two Minutes to Midnight - removed song name callouts in favor of louder missile sound effects
- Cyborg Multiball - lit mode doesn't hide other playfield lights
- Sarcophagus Lock / Lit messaging improvements
- Score Frame - Interface update to make the scores bigger
- Score Frame - Colored inactive-player scores. Added Player Up message to two player games
- Bonus - Added outline to all bonus screen text
- Number of the Beast - wizard mode can be lit and started and awards 50M for now
- Super Slings - on-screen effects displaying the total super sling amount when the slings are hit
- Eddie Cards - display effect shows progress towards lighting the Number of the Beast wizard mode.
- Eddie Cards - level 2 card states implemented and collectible
- Enter Initials - screen updated with Egyptian theme and cartouche engraving to match initials
- Champions - cartouche added to screens in attract
- Sound - more sound added to displays effects that were missing
- Family mode added
- Added song credits in attract
- Tweaked switch scoring for not-shot switches
- Updated pharaoh and pyramid animations
- Updated x-way combo animations
- Competition Mode installs TILE DEBOUNCE time to 450ms (default 1000ms)
- update extra ball consolation score from 5M to 10M and do not apply playfield multiplier
- Tilt Bob - diagnostics added to not flag as broken
- Playfield multiplier timer pauses for choreography
- shortening name of the upper left and upper right flipper button switch so it doesn't overlap other text in switch test
- Light Shows - added for Tomb Award, Super Slings, and Skill Shot
- Mystery Award - Add Time adds additional time based on qualified Mystery Level
- Mystery Award - Add-A-Ball adds additional ball save time based on qualified Mystery Level
- Replay - changed default to 100M

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