Geek & Sundry posted an article about pinball machines that would be good for beginners to start their pinball journey. However, they included some of the most back-breaking machines in the hobby.

Medieval Madness? The Shadow? AC/DC? Addams Family? Sure those games are fun to play and are examples of the best the hobby has to offer. But, only Medieval and Addams have obvious bash targets for new players to hit, and they are dangerous ones. (Would you consider the bell on AC/DC to be a bash target?)

Plus, there are some pretty deep rule sets on some of these games. Deep rules sets usually don’t get revealed to the player until they graduate past newbie status. Maybe when thinking about the word “beginner,” they are thinking about which games would offer the most fun for a beginner to play in the shortest amount of time so that the new player can get hooked.

That works for me.

Anyway, here’s a link to the article:


Geek & Sundry

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