Keith Elwin is on The Walking Dead Premium. Spoiler warning incoming! Not yet, though.

Keith shows the power of that walker bomb button. As long as you have the right supply, if you can get one hit away from Multiball or another feature that brings another ball onto the playfield, you are essentially invincible! When you see that you are going to drain out, just hit the magic button to get right back in there.

Have you heard of players trying to Nine-Out a game? It’s when a player tries to get as close to showing as many nines on the scoreboard that it will allow, before a rollover back to zero, since the scoreboard can’t show anything higher. This version of The Walking Dead software shows the score as a 32-bit register. I’m not sure if there is a later version that has changed this. Anyway, that means the score rollover on this game happens at about 4.29 billion points. We get to see Keith get tantalizingly close to “32-bitting” out this game! (at time 55:20 in the video)

This is the last score shown before the switch was hit to achieve a second rollover.

The ‘4’ at the end signifies that he’s already rolled over the score once. When I saw how close the current score was, and the moment of hesitation in gameplay, I wondered if Keith was going to try to get closer. How much is a slingshot worth exactly? [We find this out, Khaleesi. It is known.] Maybe hitting the walker can get him closer without going too far. Possibly a weak spinner shot would do it.


The multikill that took Keith over the top for the second time!

>> He said ‘bit’!
>> Yeah, cool! Zombies!


  • Horde Mode (as an appetizer)
  • Last Man Standing Completion (all of it)
  • The rolling over of a 32-bit register, twice (because that’s a thing)

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