Well, how about that? I actually have the opportunity to take a few days off of work and have some fun at the Pinball Expo in Chicago. Over four days of flipping, events, and competition. I haven’t been to “Expo” since 2009, the year of the sun glare. I remember it being  so bad that Eden Stamm stood up on a table and used a chalkboard to block out the sun so that people could play Nascar and Elvis in the tournament finals.

It’s been long enough that the STERN tour will seem new to me. I wonder if we will be able to catch a glimpse of their next game. Hey, is that The Avengers I see out of the corner of my eye?

At least this time I was fortunate enough to book a room at the host hotel. It beats renting a car. It also means that I can play until I can’t feel my hands anymore and still make it back to my room. Look at all the activities that are scheduled to happen.

Even during “adventure time” there’s still time for pinball.