OK, so there’s an application that Stern wants you to fill out to buy Batman66. Actually, no. It’s an application to see if you will be offered the chance to buy Batman66.

It’s like an abbriviated job application.

My first thought was “Jeez! WOW! Really?!”

My second thought was, “Well, the Willy Wonka, Golden Ticket analogy doesn’t work AT ALL for this situation.” This is not random. This really is  based on some sort of merit and judgement. Never mind the fact that if you are deemed worthy of the grail, you still have to afford to buy it. Looking at the application, it does mention about having a pinball collection. That is like asking about the ability to afford Batman66 in a roundabout way without saying straight up “How much money do you have?” But, what if someone just wants to buy this game, even though they don’t have other games? What if a potential buyer just likes this particular theme?

Check out the application if you want over here: I saw it, but only so I can make memes from it. Don’t forget to have a quick gander at the disclaimers at the bottom of the application. This pinball podcast cycle is going to be *very* interesting. Make sure your podcast feeds are refreshed and ready to receive the rants. I wonder who will be first.

Sources have intercepted a #Batman66 pinball purchase application in progress!
#Journalism #BatmanGate #Collusion #Hashtag


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