This Saturday July 23, Bro do you even Pinball? will stream The Hobbit from the Jersey Jack Pinball factory starting at 1:00 PM.

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I’ve been invited to join the stream as well. It’s time for a quick trip to Lakewood, NJ for an extended Hobbit session. Finally, I’ll be able to not only play The Hobbit Pinball, but also maybe understand The Hobbit Pinball.

Usually, I just go for Multiball and fling all of the balls around until Smaug says Jackpot a bunch of times. Then he lets me know that his wings are awesome and amazing or something, and I’m like OK, that’s cool and stuff. Then, he says Jackpot some more. At least there are a bit more inflections on the word Jackpot than what Chloe does on 24 when you are in Suitcase Multiball. Or, maybe Batman Dark Knight is better joke example.

Then Smaug is like remember how I told you about my fantastic wings? And I’m like, yeah, I remember. You said that about 30 seconds ago. Then he goes, well my armor is marvelous and remarkable as well. Don’t sleep on my armor abilities. So I’m like sure, Smaug, that’s nice. Whatever you say as long as I still have Multiball and you keep saying Jackpot. After a few more seconds of ball-flinging action, Smaug steps up to the microphone again and talks about how his teeth, fangs or claws are like swords or something. And I’m like, Smaug, I don’t care if you want to “Make Middle-Earth Great Again” or whatever. Just let me keep flinging these pinballs around this super-wide space, and tell me when I’ve done  a Jackpot.

Then he says Super Jackpot for what seems like no reason since I didn’t make a shot right before that. At least I don’t think I did. Modes may have started during this super-happy-fun-time, but I don’t know. It’s not like I’ve actually looked at the screen during all this, there’s so much stuff happening. Then, when there is only one ball left in play, I finally look up and I have like a million points, and I think yeah that was cool, let’s do that again.

Anyway, I hope to see your username in the chat this Saturday!

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