More updates from Stern Pinball! Meanwhile, anticipation intensifies for an update to a certain spectral game.

KISS v1.41 – The day they decided to correct the spelling of Pittsburgh. Although it would have been funny to just keep it the incorrect way.

V1.41.0 – December 11, 2018

– Added the virtual locks adjustment to the “Install Competition” menu.
– Renamed several adjustments to better describe what each adjustment
changes. The adjustment “Demon Eject Power” is now called
“Demon Eject/VUK Power” and controls the power of the coil that kicks
the ball from the playfield up into the Demon Head. The adjustment
“Demon LockUp Power” is now called “Demon LockUp/Release Power”
and controls the coil that kicks out locked balls from the Demon Head.
– Raised the volume of the Demon Lock Rapid Kick sound effect.
– Changed the Demon Multiball Start full playfield light show. Now the end
sequence playfield lights are in sync with the balls as they exit the Demon
– Now the game gives an award for collecting all 15 City Combos. This
award can be multiplied by the shot/playfield multipliers. Upon completion
the game resets the Cities collected allowing for another set of 15 cities to
be collected.
– Added a Demon Spinning Motor test to the Game-Specific tests.
– Added an adjustment to disable the Demon Spinning Motor Disc.
– Added a slingshot power adjustment.
– Changed the default slingshot power.
– Added a Starchild slingshot power adjustment.
– Changed the default Starchild slingshot power.
– Added an adjustment for auto Ball Launch power.
– Added a Trough Eject power adjustment.
– Added Coin Meter to coil test.
– Added Ticket Meter to coil test.
– Changed the default Shaker Motor power.
– Changed the default diagnostic Shaker Motor “ON” time.
– Fixed a bug where the left outlane ball save would not perform an early kick.
Instead, it would wait for the ball to drain before kicking a new ball into play.
– Optimized the amount of game data being saved to the SD card.
– Changed the City Combo award lightshow to a “radar” look.
– Changed the Starchild full playfield lightshow (seen when hitting the
Starchild targets as play is advanced towards Love Gun Multiball) to be
more Starchild centric.
– Colorized the Starchild full playfield lightshow, i.e. RGB lamps in the
sequence now match the Love Gun Multiball arrow colors.
– Colorized the Love Gun Multiball Ready full playfield lightshow, i.e. RGB
lamps in the sequence now match the Love Gun Multiball arrow colors.
– Added outlane speech and probability criteria to hear it upon draining
the last ball.
– Changed the spelling of “Pittsburg” to “Pittsburgh”.

V1.07.0 – December 11, 2018

– Added game logic and an adjustment to make Sweet Emotion easier to finish,
default = EASY. Now, upon timing out, the mode preserves it’s progress.
Previously (and now the HARD setting) the mode resets it’s progress.
– Added the virtual locks adjustment to the “Install Competition” menu.
– Changed the behavior of 3 modes, i.e. Back in the Saddle, Rats in the Cellar
and Walk this Way. Now these modes will count down and time out if not completed.
– Added game logic and an adjustment to change the difficulty of advancing
towards Medley Multiball. Previously Medley Multiball was advanced by making
1 shot during each mode/multiball. Now, with the “SHOTS NEEDED TO QUALIFY MEDLEY MULTIBALL”
adjustment, the game can be adjusted to require more shots to advance to this
wizard mode feature. Default = 1 shot.
– Removed an unused Medley Multiball adjustment.
– Added a Virtual Locks adjustment to virtually lock balls in the Toy Box.
Default = NO. Now tournament directors can add this adjustment change to
make their tournament games more deterministic.
– Added a Trough Eject Power adjustment.

– Update to nodeboard firmware v0.28.0
– Added LIFETIME count to Standard Audit #16 “Total Plays”.
– Added JAPAN_3 Coinage 1/YEN 200.
– Added UTIL->VOL adjustments for minimum and maximum master volume level and
minimum and maximum headphones volume level. This will limit the selectable
volume range from the service menu Plus and Minus keys and the headphones
rotary dial.
– Added support for 6th coin switch.
– When entering UTIL->VOL, the first sub-menu adjustment is selected, previous
behavior would select the last displayed sub-menu adjustment.
– Added Standard Adjustment “START GAME ON CREDIT”. Settings are:
“OFF” – Do not automatically start a game or add a player when inserted money registers a credit
“FIRST ONLY” – Automatically start a game when inserted money registers a credit
“ALL CREDITS” – Automatically start a game or add a player when inserted money registers a credit
Adding multiple credits simultaneously, via a bill acceptor, will only start
a one player game or add a single player.
Default setting is “OFF”
– Removed unused obsolete Standard Adjustments: “FLASH LAMP POWER”, “COIL PULSE POWER”,

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