As filmed by Jersey Jack, I played a game of Dialed IN! at Louisville Arcade Expo.

I met multiple people at Expo who remembered me from the Buffalo pinball stream of Dialed IN! Multiple people think that I work for Jersey Jack. Unfortunately, I do not. Although, it would be quite awesome to have a career in the pinball industry.

Dialed In! Streaming Live: with Steve Bowden

Posted by Jersey Jack Pinball on Saturday, March 4, 2017

Anyway, in the interest of fairness, here are some positives and negatives about the game:


Great flow for the flow players.Lots of combos.

Rules changes have happened for the better.

11 Disasters with more animations!

More animations in the Theater!

More Crazy Bob modes!

More callouts and better sound, even some that give clues to the story.

Multiball is even more exciting. Including stressful countdowns before the player’s flipper is attacked.

The game tells you how to proceed clearly via callouts and easily readable screen statuses.

The BIG BANG is an exciting cash-in opportunity that functions as a kind of wild card to collect shots and complete modes.

It’s being released … soon.

Negatives (though, some of these are nitpicks):

The game costs $8,999.00. Hey, price is a factor. Since I am not buying the game, I need to hope that someone else will purchase it and put the game on route near me.

The characters on the phone aren’t animated. (This will be fixed according to JJP).

There were a couple of areas where the ball got stuck multiple times. Most likely specific to this copy of the game.

The Theater magnet can drop balls SDTM like the Prison magnet on Walking Dead. I couldn’t tell when the magnet would stop the ball or let it through to continue a combo.

Though the Jackpot animations are cool, the Jackpot and Super Jackpot values were unclear.

I did not hear of any additional integration with a player’s real cell phone. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask. I was having so much fun with the game.

It has not been released yet.

Also, I was not given any compensation for this coverage. #Journalism #Gamergate #Disclosure #EthicsInGamingJournalism 🙂

I am ready to be Dialed IN!

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