This is a bit long and kind of weird, so please stay with me …

I remember having a dream about pinball when I was sick. In it I was flung warp speed into an expo-like area where there were a huge number of pinball machines. I couldn’t tell you where I was, specifically. It was some sort of amalgamation of PAPA and Pinball Expo and everything was fuzzy.

I was only halfway lucid, I think, and my brain started working overtime. All of the games started blending into each other to make giant, combined versions of themselves.

NBA Fastbreak, Johnny Mnemonic and Junk Yard melded into one game because they all have something called “Crazy Bob” in it.

Junk Yard connected to  WhoDunnit  because of Tony’s Palace.

WhoDunnit connected to Jack*Bot via the three-reel slots they both have. Jack*Bot brought in The Machine and Pin*Bot because *duh*.


Pin*Bot led to Taxi which lead to Bram Stoker’s Dracula because they are both passengers in the game. Dracula lead to Monster Bash and then Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Creature brought me back around to Junk Yard again because of its “Time Machine” modes which connected to Addams Family and Attack from Mars.

Attack from Mars, Spider-man, and Avatar became one giant game based on the three-bank targets.

I think my goal was to link as many games together as possible, get to “The End of the Game” and reach “Midnight Madness” to finish the greatest pinball game ever, whatever that meant.

Why do I mention all of this? Well, this super-fast, warp-speed tour of the EPC 2013 by Pinball News reminded me of that fever dream. I appreciate them filming these tour videos, but I really wish they would slow down when they do them.