Bro, do you even pinball streams Alien Pinball from Pocketeer Billiards.

This particular copy of the game did have its issues. I played this later at the Buffalo Pinball Summer Open. The attention-getting Xenomorph head did work at first. However, the game was not free of restarts and freezes at certain points in gameplay. For example: there is a point where the game says “They turned off the power …” or something like that. After which the power appears to shut down on the game only to power back up seconds later into a Multiball. Very cool. However, sometimes the power would not come back on, and that would be it for the game.



What I did play was fun though. I played by modes, got my multiballs, doubled my playfield and made my combos. The game sounds are very exciting, and I wished for a headphone port to hear it better.  I also liked using the Weapons, which are activated by the launch button to give you additional features like bonus hits on the Xenomorph or Double Scoring. I almost didn’t miss having “Ripley” in this. Almost. I hope the restarts were particular to this specific game and can be fixed, of course.

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