If you are a pinballer, there is a high probability that one of your favorite games is a Barry Oursler game.

Go here to his GoFundMe page to show appreciation in his time of need.


In February 2013, I was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. The treatments and prescriptions are not covered 100% by insurance, so the bills are piling up. Last July, Donna was diagnosed with kidney failure. As a result, she must receive dialysis 3 times per week. Her prescriptions are very expensive. To make matters worse, it is costing us $350 per month for transportation to and from dialysis.

Because of where our house is situated, she cannot use the discounted pickup services that are offered in our area. She must take a cab both ways.

We have been married almost 40 years and I would like to keep us both around for awhile longer.
Any donation will be appreciated, no matter how large or small.


FPO will add an Oursler family benefit tournament to the event!

FPO will add an Oursler family benefit tournament to the event!

Are you planning to go to the Fairfax Pinball Open PAPA Circuit event? The event organizers will be holding an additional tournament to benefit the Oursler family. This will be a full WPPR point value event. More details to follow on the Facebook event page.



The IFPA is offering special dispensation to tournament directors who would like to run a competition to benefit the Oursler family.

The IFPA would like to help by offering all tournament organizers a chance to run an event to help raise funds for the Oursler’s.¬†Similar to the Flip Off Hunger campaign, the IFPA plans on treating each of these Oursler tournaments as a unique event, worth full value WPPR points, even if a particular location is already hosting¬†another annual event in 2014. Get in touch with the IFPA at if you’re interested in setting up an event and we’ll work with you on getting it added to the IFPA calendar. We hope to set up events nationwide and use competitive pinball as a way to help Barry and his wife out in this unfortunate situation.