Stars is respected, because it is painful. It’s challenging and painful. It’s teasingly painful in many different ways.

The following are some typical rounds of Stars:
Plunge, nudge, outlane.
Plunge, get two stars, drain.
Plunge, targets, double bonus drain.
Plunge, targets, spinners, stars, triple bonus, oh snap I’m doing well — power outlane.
Plunge, center post fail SDTM.
Plunge, Bally Brick, Bally Brick drain.
Plunge, flip a few times, lazarus ball, flip a couple more times, TILT.
Plunge, stay near the top bumper for awhile, maybe this will be the good ball, mis-flip drain.
Plunge, catch the ball (somehow), attempt to Shatz the lit inlane, succeed, only for the ball to go up, over and into the outlane.

All for that one ball where you get all of the stars, get the triple bonus and light the 100,000 special. When you collect it and hear those ten low chimes, all’s right with the world for those precious few seconds … and then you drain.

Push the start button again, and volunteer for more pain.



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