Jersey Jack Pinball released details on progress with The Hobbit. Because all of this Game of Thrones news can’t just sit out there unchallenged. We need to know what’s going on with the other medieval-like fantasy license.

Hobbit Code Update 
Progammer, Keith Johnson says “Hobbit code is progressing nicely. Already 21 of 31 planned main ‘book modes’ are complete and are all individual different-playing story-based modes.  All of the main objectives leading to the wizard modes are in the game, and finishing the other minor rules such as mystery awards and bumper rules is progressing now. There is already significant choreography in the game, particularly Smaug, so it already feels much more like a game than WOZ might’ve at this point prior to shipping. There are many things that haven’t been divulged yet about how the rules and modes will work that will take the game to unprecedented levels, so look forward to that!”

Was this strategically timed? I hope so. I like this kind of pinball drama. More competition is more gooder.

See the very detailed press release here:

Hobbit updates ahead! Click here!

Hobbit updates ahead! Click here!

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