CREDIT DOT has "new" news on the Kickstarter.

CREDIT DOT has “new” news on the Kickstarter.


CREDIT DOT has the news on what has been happening with this Kickstarter effort. To put it mildly, it ain’t looking good so far.

CREDIT DOT breaks it all down in a recent post here => NEWS: Vonnie D’s Bad Week

A Kickstarter effort by Vonnie D Pinball, Pinball Gremlins seeks to provide a different full-service pinball gaming experience. One where the game truly is your enemy and attacks YOU! No, not in way that Iron Man does where the game is just really difficult and brutally punishes you for missing shots. I am talking about gremlins who take points AWAY from you if don’t do what you need to do in time.


They are conceiving of modes where things can go haywire and random switches could fire, or not fire when they are not supposed to. Other possibilities include a mode where the player has to stop the game for overheating (virtually, I hope), and a Lights out mode where you score nothing unless you bring the power back on.

The Pinball Gremlins Team:



If that interests you, roll on over to the Pinball Gremlins Kickstarter page. Of course there are a number of reward tiers for your contribution, including a chance for those with disposable income to purchase limited edition versions of the game.


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