Stern Pinball’s Game of Thrones (Pro) Version 1.29 Gameplay! – YouTube


Game of Thrones.

If you do not make a concerted effort to catch and cradle the ball when possible, this game will destroy you.

If you make the mistake of leaving the flippers up after shooting the ball, you may find that you have drained off of a drop target before you realize it.

Here’s a look at Stern Pinball’s Game of Thrones pinball machine running software version, 1.29. This version of the code added in a lot of bug fixes to the software that some tournament players where having problems with.

Since this is a Steve Ritchie design, Game of Thrones is a super fast and challenging game and I’ve been getting worse since the various updates have been changing the game rules. If you’re into fast playing machines, make sure you check this one out!

Author: SSB

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