Appreciation for the continued improvements to this game.

V1.03.0 - Apr. 10, 2019

  - Fixed a typo for the EGGHEAD 109 CHAMPION adjustment, it was displaying
    EGGHEAD 47/48.
  - Added more SLE speech.
  - Fixed a typo for the BAT HIT TARGET (ATOMIC PILE) audit, it was
    displaying BAT COMPUTER TARGET.
  - Reworked the video clips for the minor villain select.  These now
    display unique still frames that correspond to each episode (and stage,
    if progress has been saved) instead of a generic looping clip for each
    villain that may or may not correspond to the episode being selected.
  - Removed unusable video clips from the build.
  - Implemented the "LOCKDOWN BUTTON BALL LAUNCH" adjustment; it was not
  - Re-ordered the score layouts so they are on top of everything else.
  - Re-ordered the timers so they are underneath the static layer.
  - Reworked text and integrated into display layers such that text can be
    rendered on top of the video clips but underneath the score display
    (the text will be clipped at the TV screen edges).
  - Added new sounds.
  - Fixed issues with penguin VUK not awarding penguin shots under certain
  - Fixed "flaming end to player X" speech to happen only on the last ball
    for the lowest scoring player with a bad score in a multi-player game.
  - Synced some speech with video a bit better.
  - Added some clips to bookworm 29/30 right target bank target award.
  - Fixed an issue where the bookworm mode ep 29/30 was not killing the
    queued effects before requesting an award effect.
  - Fixed a problem with the penguin gadget that would cause the gadget
    to not give a penguin shot.
  - Reworked episode title text messages to use balanced quote characters.
  - Reworked the Mr. Freeze mode to award the frozen shots first when the
    gadget button is used (instead of adding a frozen shot, which makes the
    mode more difficult to complete).
  - Fixed issues with King Tut 27/28, 41/42, 87/88, 100, 117 and Mad Hatter
    13/14, 69/70 not awarding shots from the turntable when the gadget button
    was pressed.
  - Corrected non-working game-specific non-volatile RAM settings that were
    not being saved across power-ups.
  - Fixed a problem with refresh timeouts for the control gate, the diverter,
    and the lock post that would cause the devices to time out prematurely.
  - Kill start effects before requesting award effects.
  - Added lamp effects.
  - Tweaked some switch debounce times (GADGET TARGETS).
  - Fixed an issue with Shame 59/60 and Shame 115/116 where the mode was
    not being marked started and thus could be replayed at any time without
    having won any of the Mad Hatter modes.
  - Added an audit for 6th coin slot.
  - Cleaned up video clip speech.  The speech is interrupted if a new video
    clip runs and the new clip requests speech.
  - Increased the volume of the villain escape music.
  - Added SLE speech.
  - Increased switch scores for egghead modes.
  - Fixed an issue with the game start where any players added while the
    "BATMAN" intro display effect was running would cause the music to cut
  - Adding a player no longer terminates all effects.  Full screen effects
    (extra ball lit, extra ball, mystery) are terminated; all others are
    allowed to run.
  - The bookworm mode was not crediting the gadget button press for the
    first shot (turntable) during the mode.  This has been corrected.
  - Fix up video clip speech for bookworm; some speech was missing.
  - Minor villain modes were not giving awards during the grace period.
    This has been corrected.
  - Added completed/total effects for minor villain small TVs.
  - Added speech and text to penguin 3/4 super jackpot.
  - Allow minor villain total/completed to run in small TVs before the TV
    is removed at the end of the mode.



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