Yes! It’s happened! A major update for the Wrestlemania pinball game! And, based on the hashtag here, Daniel Bryan took time out of his busy schedule to code the game himself! No, he did not do that. But, apparently there is some serious stuff going on here. Stuff that involves both upper and lower playfield and strategery and energy bars and other good stuff.

From Stern on Facebook

YES! YES! YES! Stern Pinball has posted code update 1.25 for WWE Pinball! We have been hard at work behind the scenes for quite some time getting this update together for you! The update features a host of changes including a massive audio upgrade, much more rules, new lighting effects and scoring tweaks just to name a few! Complete details can be found in the READ ME file contained within the link. Enjoy! ‪#‎WWE‬‪#‎SternPinball‬ ‪#‎ThankYouDanielBryan‬

PRO – http://www.sternpinball.com/game-code/game-code-wwe-pro

LE – http://www.sternpinball.com/game-code/game-code-wwe-le

PRO V1.25

Spike System:
-Node Board Code v0.16.4
— Improved handling of overcurrent conditions.
— Improved sound streaming.

– Improved all sound effects, speech, and music to 44.1k stereo quality.
– Improved wrestler entrance song balance.
– Improved lighting effects and multicolor LED usage.
– Improved top ring control gate usage.
– Added new ring stage gi lighting and effects.
– Added new ruleset to wrestling matches:
* Increased drop target completions to start a match.
* Lower playfield shots double pin value when complete.
* Signature moves doubles base pin value when complete.
* Signature moves do double the damage to opponents.
* Wrestling moves in the ring add to pin value.
* Matches increase in difficulty per completion.
* Opponents have an HP bar to denote progress.
* Post-match celebration now increases with fan support.
* Post-match celebration plays the wrestler’s theme music.
* Added new dots to out of the ring action.
* Added new lighting effects.
* Increased overall scoring.
– Added new ruleset to Ref Multiball:
* Removed Ref scoring.
* Referee shots now increase Ref Multiball jackpot values.
* Lower playfield shots now build value towards super jackpot.
* Ref Multiball no longer allows wrestling matches to end.
* Reduced difficulty of starting subsequent Ref Multiballs.
* Increased scoring.
– Added new ruleset to Tag Team Multiball:
* Ring targets incorporated into multiball rule.
* Tag targets and Tag Team shot allows for timed 2x scoring and
add-a-ball when lit.
* Opponents now tag out on a timer.
* Reduced the difficulty of starting Tag Team Multiballs.
* Increased scoring.
– Added new rule to Money in the Bank. Rule now starts championship to
the next non-active wrestling match or Tag Team Multiball match.
– Added new threshold awards to pop bumpers. Each Threshold is lower.
– Changed skill shot rules:
* New light plunge skill shot.
* Increased Skill shot scoring.
– Added new ruleset to target bank. Completion of bank starts a hurry-up
which allows the player to hit the center loop shots to increase
bonus multiplier or bonus count.
– Changed outlane ball saves to allow for a new skill shot.
– Increased bottom lane completion progression values.
– Removed bonus multipliers from top lane completions. Completion now
provides 300k points towards bonus.

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