I’m not trying to look like an Underboss … really.

Thanks and respects:

  • To everyone who participated in the Yestercades Pinball Championship, 2013
  • To Daniel Logan and the Yestercades staff for being great hosts
  • To Francesco La Rocca for helping to bring this event together
  • To Isaac Ruiz and the Brackelope Tournament Builder app
  • To Steve Zahler who was able to get these games to play better than they ever have before. I hope they stay that way for as long as possible.

“Yestercades Arcade” by Ron Hallett, Jr.

  • Jason Zahler serving me a quick defeat on Back to the Future by mastering the left ramp.
  • The Brackelope software really helped to make the tournament run smoothly. Live results were posted online and displayed on a projection so that people could know who they were playing next, without me having to yell.
  • Myself getting lucky twice: First, a Heartbreaker on Hook where I won by 16,000 points, and then an Ace on Pinbot where I won by 3,000 points.
  • The fact that there were so many entries in the side tournament that the prize pool was more than the main tournament. This Elektra was a true bastard without the center post, mainly because the ball would bounce out of the upper playfield, off of the right wall and go SDTM a lot. Those who mastered the subtle nudge that you needed to do to escape moved on to the Final. Those who didn’t saw scores of 1,300 on one ball very often, especially if they tilted out from nudging too forcefully.
  • The games held up for the most part. Those games that didn’t were easily removed from the rotation in the Brackelope software.

See? You could have also watched football here, too.

Yestercades Pinball Championship 2013 Main Event
Brackelope 4-Strike Knockout

1st – Steven Bowden
2nd – Frank Romero
3rd – Steve Zahler
4th – Charlie Bucks
5th – Robert Sovatsky
6th – David Baiano
6th – Jason Zahler
6th – Joshua Senzer
9th – Ken Rossi
9th – Mike Pantino
9th – Steve Epstein
12th – Debra Rymer
12th – Francesco La Rocca
12th – Michael Pucciarelli
12th – Phil Hering
12th – Sanjay Shah
17th – Jay Steinberg
17th – Jerry Bernard
17th – Jody Jodon
17th – Mike Baiano
21st – John Hurd
21st – Juliana Leschinsky
21st – Ron Hallett, Jr.
21st –  Steve Zamonski
25th – Eric Asher
25th – Freddy Asher
25th – Kairi Senzer
25th – Koi Morris
29th – Maxine Zahler
29th – Doug Lida

Top Three Yestercades

Main Event – Top Three

Yestercades Pinball Championship Side Tournament on Elektra
High Score Contest with 4-Player Survival Final

1st – Frank Romero
2nd – Sanjay Shah
3rd – Steve Zahler
4th – Ron Hallett, Jr.
5th – Jason Zahler
6th – Jerry Bernard
7th – Steven Bowden
8th – Robert Sovatsky
9th – John Hurd
10th – Mike Pantino
11th – Francesco La Rocca
12th – Phil Hering
13th – Ken Rossi
14th – David Baiano
15th – Freddy Asher
16th – Jody Jodon
17th – Koi Morris
18th – Eric Asher
19th – Jay Steinberg
20th – Michael Baiano
21st – Steve Epstein
22nd – Joshua Senzer
23rd – Michael Pucciarelli
24th – Charlie Bucks
25th – Debra Rymer

Monopoly needed a switch adjusted…

Results have been submitted to IFPA/WPPR.