It was another exciting time in Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh Pinball Open 6! Though I had an early exit from the Main Event Final, I was able to win both the Friday PinGolf Tournament and the Saturday Classics Tournament. It feels great to come away with two wins from the Pittsburgh scene given the ultra-high level of competition there.

Thanks to everyone who ran the events. There were four in total, the Main Event, PinGolf, Classics and the consolation knockout tournament on Sunday. I always enjoy visiting Pittsburgh to meet up with members of the pinball family. It’s a big reason why people like me are willing to drive and fly long hours through rain, sleet, snow, traffic, etc. to get to these events.

Even though I was booted from the Main Tournament, I did have a nice consolation prize of doing commentary for PAPA.tv. I love doing that, because it’s a opportunity for an introvert like me to pretend to be an extrovert for a few hours. Plus, it’s the best vantage point for viewing the intense pinball action that happens in a PAPA Circuit Event Final.

As always, I’ll see you at the next one.

A-Division Top Four

PPO6 – A-Division Top Four


A-Division Bracket Results

Full results on CHALLONGE

PPO6 - B Division Finalists

PPO6 – B Division Top Four


B-Division Bracket Results

Full results on CHALLONGE

A and B division winners - DJ Riel and Arthur Lee

A and B division Champions – DJ Riel and Arthur Lee

Wanted for hitting Sparky 111 times in one ball.

DJ Riel – On the final game of Metallica, he claimed 111 Sparky symbols in one ball.



Yes, hotel visitors. Check out that $3.50 bottle of water. Because we just can’t price-gouge our customers enough.


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I finally got some quality time with America’s Most Haunted because there was a machine there at the PPO. Overall, I really liked playing it. The center ghost bash target is as dangerous as a bash target should be. The call outs are funny and numerous. The game feels like it lives halfway between a stop-and-start game and a flow game. I didn’t run into any bugs or anything strange while I was playing.

I just concentrated on starting the Multiballs once I was able to figure out a bit of the game progression, so I probably missed a bunch of features. I am looking forward to playing it again sometime. This games deserves to be sold out. Congratulations if you got in on this extremely limited release.

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