#TheresTheCode Batman 66 v0.84.0

So, now we can change the channel! Just like TV! And Stuff!

And it’s not even Christmas yet. So we might get even more updates very soon.

V0.84.0 – Dec. 6, 2017

– The GADGET BUTTON was not being applied to the mode in the main TV.
This has been corrected.
– The last shot to the turntable (batmobile spinner) to light BAT TURN
wasn’t updating the BAT TURN value in the display effect. This has been
– The last shot to the turntable (batmobile spinner) to light BAT TURN
wasn’t boosting the BAT TURN value. This has been corrected.
– Added HSTD for Egghead and Mr. Freeze.
– Added shaker motor effects.
– Fixed an issue where the hurry-up (cliffhanger) scores for the major
villain modes were not being displayed correctly.
– Fixed a bug that was prohibiting MORE TIME from being awarded again on
the same ball.
– MORE TIME is no longer awarded from MYSTERY if timers are frozen.
– Fixed a reset problem that occurred when a small TV would be removed
from the display at the end of a mode/multiball.
– Minor villain mode select (TV insert on the left orbit/loop) was not
being (silently) lit during multiball when the TV targets were completed.
This has been corrected.
– The atomic pile playfield multiplier timer was counting down when the
timers were frozen. This has been corrected.
– Added CHANNEL CHANGING for the main TV when small TVs are displayed.
Press and hold the GADGET BUTTON for ~1/4 second to change the video,
music, and lights that are associated with the main TV.
– EGGHEAD mode (EGG FIGHT) with jackpot shot lit via GADGET BUTTON now
allows movement of the jackpot based on standup target hits. Left targets
(GADGET, TURNTABLE) move the shot to the left. Right targets (POP BUMPER,
GORDON, TVs) move the shot to the right.

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