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V0.99.0 - Nov. 1, 2018

  - Increased minor villain mode select timer to 15 seconds (from 9 seconds).
  - Added a setting (default YES) that allows minor villain modes to be
    replayed once all modes in a season have been played.
  - Added sounds and speech to some BOOKWORM 29/30 clips that were missing.
  - Cleaned up and trimmed several BOOKWORM 29/30 clips.
  - Added right bank targets and better scoring for the minor villain modes.
  - Added GI lamps to minor villain mode select.
  - Lowered HSTD scores for minor villain modes (100M to 50M).
  - Fixed an issue with the EGGHEAD 47/48 mode that would light the "G" in
    "GADGET" instead of a random shot to complete the mode.
  - Added GI to skill shot (shooter lane).
  - Added an adjustment for the trough power.
  - Cleaned up/added shaker motor effects for major villain super jackpots
    and major/minor villain jailed (completed) effects.
  - Added a setting (default: YES) to spot an adjacent GADGET target.
  - Implemented (fully) "save minor villain progress" for finishing King Tut.
  - Fixed an issue with "hold bonus" that was causing the bonus to not be
  - Implemented SHAME awards (+1 balls to multiball / multiball extend).
    The "extend" time is given by the adjustment "AUTOFIRE EXTEND TIMER".
  - Reworked score criteria for the minor villain modes.  The base score
    will go up with each major villain stage completed, along with each minor
    villain mode completed.

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