V1.62 - June 5, 2018

- Fixed a presentation issue where solid shot lights in Destroy the Drill II were showing when they weren't available.
  Now, all available shots blink including the roving 2X shot.
- Fixed an issue in Nero II where shots/lights were not being displayed correctly.  This only occurred during multi-player games.
- Fixed an issue in Mode Select where mode select would not show up quickly between balls.  This occurred during multi-player games. 
- Fixed an issue in Kobayashi Maru where double scoring was timing out due to the presentation length of Kobayashi Maru.
- Fixed an issue in Kobayashi Maru where the background music was missing.
- Added sound FX and a longer light show presentation for the final shot in Kobayashi Maru.
- Fixed a problem if you Drill Down 3 deep in a mode, i.e play Destroy the Drill I, II, III. . When you get through the
  last III mode, you could get robbed out of the second/third wizard mode (Enterprise Amok Multiball would not start,
  and, if you made it to Five Year Mission, the game would instead start Enterprise Amok Multiball.  After the last
  wizard mode you couldn't start any modes for the rest of the game. It could also crash the game while in this state.
- Fixed an issue in Nero II where the shot count was not properly shown when interrupted by other modes/events.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the Magnet to ignore the "disabled" adjustment.

- Added audit for total number of one, two, three, and four players games that have been played.
- Added USA_12 Coinage 1/$0.25, 5/$1.00
- Added Sweden_3 credit pricing 1 credit for 10 Kr.
- Updated Norway coin door to 1/5/10/20 Kr for left/center/right/4th slot.
- Updated Sweden coin door to 1/5/10/2 Kr for left/center/right/4th slot.
- Updated Sweden dip switch setting default to Sweden_3 pricing.
- Updated Switzerland dip switch setting default to Switzerland_3 pricing.
- Updated UK dip switch setting default to UK_4 pricing.
- Added China Dip Switch setting (28 00111000) and currency, pricing, overrides, redemption, tournament, novelty, etc setting.
- Fixed an issue with replay score computation.
- Added ticket dispenser type "TICKETLESS".
- Added ticket dispenser motor rest time between ticket dispenses (AD_TICKET_DISPENSER_REST_TIME_MS) - default is 0 ms. 
- Added ticket dispenser retries (AD_TICKET_DISPENSE_RETRIES) - if the ticket notch switch is not seen after a dispense, the system will retry
- AD_TICKET_DISPENSE_RETRIES times to dispense a ticket before marking the ticket dispenser as "jammed". AD_TICKET_DISPENSE_RETRIES default is 0.
- Fixed an issue where the ticket dispenser was still enabled after uninstalling redemption settings.
- Added timed game options to the redemption system.
- Added default redemption settings to the system for each country (DIP) install.

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