This version attempts to get players to complete character modes.

Now, Groot Multiball shots will be worth 5X on a shot attached to a completed character mode.

LE/PRE V0.87 - February 13, 2018

- added slingshot power adjustment.
- changed default slingshot power. 
- added an adjustment for auto ball launch power.
- changed default auto ball launch power. 
- fixed Drax display effects that appear in Save Xandar.
- added a lightshow to Save Xandar Jackpots.
- changed mystery "ball save lit" weighted criteria.
- changed mystery "shot multiplier lit" weighted criteria.
- modified antiquities shop awards to stop displaying on top of each other.
- rampage spell out difficulty no longer gets harder after the 2nd+ spell out event, i.e. it remains at the same difficulty throughout the entire game.
- added sound effects to mission awards for Antiquities Shop, Escape Kyln, Quills Quest and Yaka Arrow.
- Modified mode select lights to only show when the mode select Display Effect is running.
- added Ball Save Advance/Score display/sound FX.
- added a HurryUp award to the first stage of Orb Multiball.
- Orb Multiball jackpot values can be upgraded by hitting the Orb drop target, i.e. hitting the drop target during Orb Multiball raises the shot jackpot value by 2X.
- Orb Multiball HurryUp score starts at 3M.
- fixed a bug where Orb MB HurryUp was starting to countdown too early.
- added start game functionality to action button on the lock down bar.
- added green light to lockdown button when it can start a game.
- modified action button so that it doesn't start a game during match sequence.
- disallow mode select lamps from showing while waiting for the mystery presentation to end.
- added Immolation Initiative Jackpot, Double Jackpot, Super Jackpot sound effects.
- modified mystery to flash during multiballs when giving an award.
- mystery award presentation runs faster during a multiball.
- added a Display Effect for ball save score (for when you try to relight an already lit ball save)
- disabled mystery light shows from running during multiballs, i.e. normally the mystery lightshows are showing you what you won by masking out all of the other lamps.
- Added new light show to shot multiplier mystery award.
- fixed Immolation Initiative Jackpot display effect.
- Fixed incorrect lamp usage in mystery.
- updated mystery award videos (text changes).
- added light show for ball save mystery.
- fixed issues with double scoring mystery presentations.
- fixed issue with rampage spell out.
- Added new mystery award for ball save lit.
- fixed a bug where the previous/current tournament winners names were not being displayed in the attract mode.
- fixed immolation initiative advance synced sound/display FX.
- added outlines to all Tournament attract mode text effects.
- added an adjustment/rule to limit the number of times a ball can be locked during Groot Multiball, default = 3.
- Groot Multiball shots are now worth 5X if the shot's associated character/mission is completed.
- added rectangular shot inserts to the Groot Multiball rule and changed the shot arrow insert logic in
  Groot Multiball to reflect the new 5X mode completion rule. If a mission is completed the Groot Multiball
  shot inserts will strobe indicating the shot is worth 5X. These completed mission inserts will also temporarily
  flash quickly when available for a 10X combo.
- optimized lamp logic in modes/multiball to reduce node bus traffic.
- added Immolation Initiative advance sound F/X.
- added Save Xandar Advance sound F/X
- added Save Xandar Intro sound F/X.
- modified Mystery awards to disallow showing award display effects twice, i.e. the Mystery "Ball Save Is Lit" display effect is not followed by the normal "Ball Save is Lit" display effect.
- added new videos for mystery awards.
- added new double scoring music.
- added new mystery awards, Orb Lit, Orb "X" Completed
- added mystery light shows for each award.
- changed the upgrade is lit and upgrade award text so it matches the color of the associated mode.
- modified Escape Kyln display effects to stop older awards before starting a new effect.
- Added 2 new mystery awards.
- added timers to the mode select screen.
- fixed broken mode select background lamp F/X.
- added shaker F/X to Groot multiball advance/light lock.
- fixed a bug where a mode shot award display/sound/lamp effect was not being shown if it completed a mode.
- added 2 new mystery awards, Rampage Letter Added, Shot Multipliers Lit.
- raised volume of Pod Chase award.
- now the Movie Lines Adjustment has 3 options: OFF/Original Only/Original & Alternates.
- fixed a display problem where Tournament winners/scores were not being shown in the Attract mode.
- fixed a Sibling Rivalry score bug.
- removed top lane lights from the Groot lock lightshow so you can see and change top lane lights (if necessary) as the new locked ball is kicked into play and travels towards the top lanes.
- added Save Xandar award display effects.
- raised volume of Groot Multiball sound FX
- Groot Multiball now has 3 jackpot levels that are followed by a super/double super jackpot.  Now the Double Super Jackpot is scored by getting the ball past Groot's moving mouth.
- added/fixed Groot advance/light/lock lightshows. 
- changed Groot Multiball Ready lightshow.
- fixed Groot Multiball Start lightshow.
- restructured when mode start display effects appear.
- changed/lowered Groot Multiball scoring.
- added Trinket awards to Antiquities shop.
- added shooter groove background screens.
- added Save Xandar is lit Display Effect.
- Rampage spell out rule is now available during all multiballs.
- fixed an issue where changing to a foreground effect would cause the double scoring icon to disappear.
- added Save Xandar Wizard Mode.
- added Save Xander Advance Display Effect.
- added double scoring icon to the score screen.
- changed background RAMPAGE lamp strobe timing.
- points accumulated during Groot Multiball for lock lit/awards were not being added to the total tally, this has been corrected.
- optimized GUARDIANS target background/award lightshows (LE insert is now GOLD instead of White).
- added extended looping Knowhere start display effect and artwork (designed to be played/looped while the ball is sitting in the shooter lane at ball start).
- added speech to double scoring start/restart.
- added double scoring start/restart lightshow.
- added a lightshow to RAMPAGE spell out.
- changed difficulty of starting Rocket's Rampage Double Scoring, Default = 4 letters spotted.
- now mystery can add time to Escape Kyln 2.
- fixed a bug where collecting 2 RAMPAGE letters quickly could cause the game to reset.
- added lamp logic to the RAMPAGE light, i.e. in double scoring the light will blink faster as time is about to expire.
- added new Rampage spell out module/logic.
- added shot multiplier lit sound FX
- added shot multiplier lit/awarded speech.
- raised the volume on shot multiplier award(s).
- added mission shooter groove tunes, this will pause the timers at the start of a ball.
- added Shot Multiplier(s) Lit display effects.
- added LCD display effects for Tournament high score to date enter initials and no Tournament Qualifiers.
- removed duplicate player up score on the background score screen.
- added skull graphics to the default background score screen that appears when a mode/multiball is not active.
- add LCD display effects for Tournament Credits, Tournament Game Start.
- added ball save advance display effects
- fixed a problem where, if 3 balls were locked in Groot and any other Multiball has 3 balls in play, there are no balls in the trough to instantly serve the right outlane ball save.
  If this happens the game will now wait for the ball to arrive at the trough and serve it back into play.

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