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Pinball terms used by the pinball gaming community which may or may not be a part of the official pinball lexicon. Besides, some of these terms are just made-up… ^_^ If you have a suggestion for a nomination to the New Pinball Dictionary, or you would like to support, “second”, or improve something that has already been nominated, you can do any one of the following:

I will note the Nominators and Supporters on each entry when available. The more support an entry gets, the more likely it will be inducted and get a separate post as a New Pinball Dictionary entry. Thanks for your contributions!

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The Inductees:

Ace / Aced / Aced Out
Alley Pass
Another Satisfied Customer
Bail Out
Bally Brick
Bang Back
Bash Target
Batman Shimmy
Big Four
Big Six
Bounce Back
Bounce Pass
 Bubble Boy
Chemical Warfare
Chill Maneuver
Chimp Flipping
Chopping Wood
Cliffy’d / Cliff-ied
 Cradle Robber
Cradle Separation
Dead Bounce / Dead Flipper Pass
Death Save
Drain Train
Driver / Bus Driver
Drop a Bomb
Drop Catch
Drunk Driver
Eddie Murphy
Everybody Out of the Pool
Expo Expressway
Fast Four
FLR-ry / FLR-riness
Free Look
Fun With Bonus
Gatekeeper (concept)
Gatekeeper (player)
Gorilla Flipping
House Party
In Jail
Inlane Pass / Inlane Transfer
Lance Armstrong
Late Night Beat Down
Leaping Lazarus
Live Catch
Lonesome Loser
Loop Pass
Maxwell Smart
McEwen Strategy / McEwen Special
Ock Block
Outlane Drain Train
Pete Townshend
Post Pass
Pre-Plunge Pee / Pre-Plunge Piss
Return Lane Transfer
Robbing the Cradle
Rock the Cradle
Rollover (one word)
Roll Over (two words)
Safety Valve
Sam Harvey
Straight Down the Middle / SDTM
Seal Flipping
Shatz / Shatz-pot / Shatz*Bot
Shatz the Inlane
Shotgun / Shotgun Seat
Snail Time
Snipe / Sniping
 Spider-Man Shimmy
Split Drain
Stack Blocker / Stack Stopper
Stage Flipping
Super Shatz*Bot
Tap Pass
Taxi Turn
Three* Egg Omelet
Tilt Bobble
Tommy Dollars
Turn Over
Up, Over and Gone
Viagra Target
Walk Off
Wicked Shimmy
Zombie Ball 

Nominations Zone!

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Concepts that need words …

The following concepts were brought up but need words created for them. The words in the headings are placeholders. Any suggestions?

Extension of sniping and defense for PAPA style qualifying?

As an extension of the sniping or defensive playing, there should be a term for purposely tilting your bonus away so as to not score enough to hurt a previous entry.

Purposely sacrificing your bonus so that your reinforcement doesn’t hurt the first entry. At first glance I’m thinking of words in the neighborhood of “casualty” and “sacrifice”.

What’s it called when I look at my top score in an entry, and play to come close but not surpass it?

It’s sort of like defense but slightly different… You are playing purposely not to harm your previous entry with the possibility of putting up another good entry. It’s sort of like “defensive reinforcement”, but I think we can do a little better than that.

— Scott Charles/Jim Fordham

buying the tournament?

Some variation of “buying the tournament” … Donator vs. Benefactor

Not quite short plunge?

What is it called when you plunged the ball by hitting the plunger in, as opposed to pulling the plunger back. Games like Metallica and X-Men benefit from this move, for example. The dictionary doesn’t have an entry for that move yet, so we decided to ask for your help! Let’s suggest some names for that technique! I threw Slap Plunge and Push Plunge out there, but can you think of something more on-the-nose? It’s not quite a short plunge… Hmmmm…

— The Pinball Podcast

Suggestions from contributors: Power Plunge, Slap Plunge, Plunge Lunge. Plunge Palm. Smack Attack,  Shove Shot, Silver Rod Slapper, Slam Plunge, Splunge

Super Powerful Plunge?

What do you think it should be called when you pull the plunger back, grab the edge of the lockdown bar with your fingers, then put your thumb on the plunger… That way, you can push it in extra hard to get a super powerful plunge?

No-tilt exploit?

the overt action of taking advantage of a machine that has a generous or no tilt.

–Frank Romero

Spousal Support?

a term for what a player feels they must do to get in the good graces with the spouse so that the player can go to the next tournament without there being repercussions.

Not getting it done when it counts?

a term for when you practice on a game and you put up great scores, but in the next game you play, whether it be league or tournament play (when it really counts) you totally mess it up.